Corelab Seminar

Georgios Tsoukalas
From e-voting to data security and privacy

Zeus is GRNET's e-voting platform, based on Helios. Since late 2011, it is in use for official university elections in Greece, and elections of other collectives. PANORAMIX is an EU-funded project that aims to develop production-ready mixnet services to enable security and privacy in applications processing sensitive data. GRNET owns an e-voting use-case in PANORAMIX, but also has a key role in the technical product implementation, and seeks to generalize solutions and practices from its e-voting experience into a generally useful toolkit for applications. The effort has just started, therefore there are no results yet, but we present our status, some important challenges already identified, as well as initial ideas and elements of our vision. Topics discussed are pushing the limits of security for decryption mixnets and efficiency for reencryption mixnets, creating tunable trust trade-offs in cryptographic application protocols, introducing a common, crypto-friendly storage substrate for applications, introducing new user-interface primitives for better user friendliness and trust.