Corelab Seminar

Efi Bournazou
Measuring Gentrification in Mexico City: an objective-subjective statistical approach

Urban gentrification, a phenomenon that involves socio-spatial changes of deteriorated urban neighborhoods by the influx of more affluent residents, represents an increasingly addressed issue in the context of Latin America. There is a diversity of articles and books that debate on its conceptualization, however there are no studies for its quantification at a city level in Mexico City. The present study develops an index, based on census data, to measure gentrification. The construction of the index is based on 8 variables considered to describe the process. Based on this a universe of individuals who live in gentrified areas was identified in order to create a random sample and to conduct a representative opinion survey. Both approaches, the objective and subjective, contribute to a better understanding of the process under study. Results obtained suggest that the quantification of gentrification deserves further research and continuing effort.