Corelab Seminar


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Date Speaker/Title
Jul 11th Constantinos Daskalakis (UC Berkeley)
Computing approximate equilibria (abstract)
Jun 7th Michail Rassias (NTUA)
Some basic properties of the ζ(s) function (abstract)
May 31st Michael Lampis (NTUA)
The Ferry Cover problem (abstract)
May 21st Chryssanthi Raftopoulou (NTUA)
Ramsey numbers and applications in geometry and graph theory (abstract)
Apr 30th Elias Koutsoupias (U. Athens)
On a model of indexability and its bounds for range queries (abstract)
Apr 23rd Vassilis Athitsos (UT Arlington)
Learning embeddings for similarity-based retrieval (abstract)
Apr 2nd Aris Tentes (NTUA)
Rational secret sharing and multiparty computation (abstract)
Mar 5th Nikos Laoutaris (Boston U)
Selfish neighbor selection: formulation, analysis, and implications for overlay routing and P2P file sharing (abstract)
Feb 26th Michael Lampis (NTUA)
The relative complexity of approximate counting problems (abstract)
Feb 12th Christodoulos Fragoudakis (NTUA)
Near-optimal algorithms and non-approximability results for polygonal area coverage problems (abstract)
Jan 29th Thanasis Lianeas (NTUA)
Dynamic conflict-free colorings in chain graphs (abstract)
Jan 15th Alexandra Kolla (UC Berkeley)
All problems in statistical zero-knowledge have a classical protocol secure against both classical and quantum verifiers (abstract)
Andreas Gobel (NTUA)
Gap-definable counting classes (abstract)
Jan 8th Spyros Kontogiannis (U. Ioannina)
Algorithmic game theory: introduction to bimatrix and congestion games (abstract)
Dec 18th Panagiotis Prokopiou (NTUA)
Partial program evaluation and applications in compiler construction (abstract)
Dec 4th Christodoulos Fragoudakis (NTUA)
Approximation algorithms for simple polygon guarding problems (abstract)
Nov 27th Dora Souliou (NTUA)
Frequent itemset mining algorithms (abstract)
Nov 20th Katerina Potika (NTUA)
Polygon labelling of minimum leader length (abstract)
Nov 13th Antonis Achilleos (NTUA)
Descriptive complexity & optimization problems (abstract)
Nov 6th Thanasis Lianeas (NTUA)
Online conflict-free colorings (abstract, slides)
Oct 30th Evangelos Bampas (NTUA)
Matroids and k-extendible systems (abstract, slides)
Oct 23th Valia Mitsou (NTUA)
Distributed leader election algorithms in synchronous networks (abstract, slides)