Panagiotis Patsilinakos

Post-Doctoral researcher
Computer Science,
Athens University of Economics and Business


My interests lie in the areas of Algorithm Analysis and Design, Randomized Algorithms, Algorithmic Game Theory, Mechanism Design, Learning Augmented Mechanism Design, Approximation and Online Algorithms and Computational Complexity.

About Me

I am a PostDoc reseracher at the Athens University of Economics and Business, hosted by Vangelis Markakis. Research agenda targets the study of the intersection of learning theory and mechanism design.

In 2023 I received my PhD from the National Technical University of Athens, School of Electrical and Computer Engineering and a member of the Computation and Reasoning Laboratory under the supervision of professor Dimitris Fotakis. My thesis is in the area of algorithmic game theory and mechanism design and my related research so far primarily revolves around efficient algorithmic frameworks for settings where information is not readily available.

In 2016 I received my Diploma (MEng) in Computer Engineering from the University of Patras, School of Engineering, Computer Engineering and Informatics Department. My thesis title was "Computation of approximate Nash equilibria in congestion games." (translated from Greek), under the supervision of professor Ioannis Caragiannis.

Selected Publications

Metric-distortion bounds under limited information

with Ioannis Anagnostides and Dimitris Fotakis

In Journal of Artificial Intelligence Research, vol. 74, pp. 1449-1483, (JAIR 2022).

Dimensionality and coordination in voting: The distortion of STV

with Ioannis Anagnostides and Dimitris Fotakis.

In AAAI Press, 2022, pp. 4776-4784 (AAAI 2022).

Strategyproof facility location in perturbation stable instances

with Dimitris Fotakis.

In Web and Internet Econimics - 17th International Conference, ser. Lecture Notes in Computer Science, vol. 13112, Springer, pp. 95-112 (WINE 2021).

Node-max-cut and the complexity of equilibrium in linear weighted congestion games

with Dimitris Fotakis, Anthimos Vardis Kandiros, Thanasis Lianeas, Nikos Mouzakis and Stratis Skoulakis.

In 47th International Colloquium on Automata, Languages, and Programming, ser. LIPIcs, vol. 168, Schloss Dagstuhl - Leibniz-Zentrum für Informatik, 50:1-50:19 (ICALP 2020).

Asymptotically optimal communication in simple mechanisms

with Ioannis Anagnostides and Dimitris Fotakis.

Algorithmic Game Theory - 13th International Symposium, ser. Lecture Notes in Computer Science, vol. 12283, Springer, pp. 17-31 (SAGT 2020).


  • Teaching Assistant (during the period 2017-present):
    • Undergraduate courses: Algorithms and Complexity, Introduction to Programming, Compatibility and Complexity
    • Postgraduate courses: Algorithmic Game Theory, Network Algorithms and Complexity, Algorithmic Data Science