Corelab Seminar



The Corelab Seminar is an informal seminar organized by the Computation and Reasoning Laboratory. Its scope encompasses all areas of Theoretical Computer Science, and it is open to undergraduate students, graduate students, and faculty members alike. Distinguished speakers are often invited to give lectures based on their recent work.

  • When: On Mondays, at 18:30 (but check also the talk schedule below).
  • Where: Room 1.1.31, School of Electrical & Computer Engineering, National Technical University of Athens.

If you wish to give a talk or be notified of upcoming talks, please send an e-mail either to , or to whoever is currently serving as Seminar manager (see sidebar).


  • [Sep 14th, 2015] Seminar begins. First talk is on Monday 14/09 at 17:00!


Date* Speaker/Title
Jul 18th Thodoris Lykouris (Cornell University)
Fast Convergence of Common Learning Algorithms in Games (abstract).
Jul 14th Konstantinos Georgiou (Ryerson University)
Know when to Persist: Deriving Value from a Stream Buffer (abstract).
Jun 30th Konstantinos Georgiou (Ryerson University)
Searching with Beachcombers (abstract).
Jun 6th Markos Epitropou (University of Pennsylvania)
Competitive Equilibrium and Trading Networks: A Network Flow Approach (abstract).
Feb 29th Dimitris Kolotouros (NTUA)
OTR protocol implementation: an overview of libotr (abstract).
Feb 1st Andreas Goebel (University of Oxford)
Modular Counting and Graph Homomorphisms (abstract).
Jan 12nd Thanasis Lianeas (University of Texas)
Asymptotically tight bounds for inefficiency in risk-averse selfish routing (abstract).
Dec 28th Georgios Piliouras (SUTD)
What Nash did not know: Modern Topology and Game Theory (abstract).
Dec 22nd Vasilis Gkatzelis (UC-Berkeley)
Approximating the Nash Social Welfare with Indivisible Items (abstract).
Dec 18th Paris Syminelakis (Stanford University)
Symmetric Graph Properties Have Independent Edges (abstract).
Dec 17th Antonis Achilleos (NTUA)
Modal Logics with Hard Diamond-Free Fragments (abstract).
Nov 23rd Konstantinos Andrikopoulos (NTUA)
OTR protocol (abstract).
Nov 9th Georgios Tsoukalas (Software Engineer at GRNET)
From e-voting to data security and privacy (abstract).
Nov 3rd Themis Gouleakis (MIT)
Sampling Correctors (abstract).
Nov 2nd Valia Mitsou (Institute for Computer Science and Control, Hungarian Academy of Sciences)
Complexity and Approximability for Parameterized CSP (abstract).
Oct 19th Kyriakos Axiotis (NTUA), Lydia Zakinthinou (NTUA)
Hardness in P: No strongly subquadratic algorithms for Frechet distance and Edit distance unless SETH fails (abstract).
Sep 21st Dimitris Achlioptas (UCSC)
Algorithmic Barriers from Phase Transitions (abstract).
Sep 18th Dimitris Sakavalas (NTUA)
Reliable Communication Despite Limited Knowledge (abstract).
Sep 18th Vassilis Zikas (ETH Zuerich)
Provable Virus Detection: Using The Observer Effect To Protect Against Malware (abstract).
Sep 18th Dimitris Achlioptas (UCSC)
New Uses of Error-Correcting Codes (abstract).
Sep 14th Dimitris Achlioptas (UCSC)
Random Walks that Find Perfect Objects and the Lovasz Local Lemma (abstract).

*Unless otherwise noted, the talks take place at the time and place specified under section "Information". For more information, please contact the Seminar manager.